LOVE & HAPPINESS: the story of us, TRAJA♥️


I guess since this is my first blog post about my relationship it’s only right to give a not so quick, quick recap of its existence:

SO! tre and i have known each other for a few years, we are signed to the same agency here in Los Angeles and have worked together on a few jobs. i always had the biggest crush on him and thought that he was so mysterious. i remember we worked on ‘NBC’s The Wiz Live’ together and he was the assistant choreographer. he would walk in with his headphones on, be so polite to everybody, do his job, finish the day, and walk out ....and I would always think to myself “who is this guy & what is his life!? he was a cute male dancer, who to me kept a really low profile so needless to say, i was very intrigued.


a few years later in 2016, i was home for the Christmas holiday, out of my previous relationship and single for the first time in 4 years!! i did a lot of reflecting and praying, and i remember asking God if he was going to bless me with a man please let him be close to perfect! HA, a girl can ask right?!

well, THE NEXT DAY in true millennial fashion Tre DM’d me on Instagram and told me he was home in Jersey & asked if i would like to go to dinner with him! we went to Zuma in New York City and sat in the corner booth and talked about everything imaginable. he ordered for the both of us and completely accepted me when i told him i don’t use chop sticks, and had no desire to learn how. (HA! what a brat, i proudly used my hands!) i found out he was 6 years older than me which i think is so cool because i’ve never dated anybody older than me. he asked all about my culturally awesome upbringing and laughed at all my jokes!

i was immediately texted all my girlfriends, told my whole family, obsessed!

we went on another date while we were both in New York and then continued dating when we both went back to LA.

for the first five months our schedules only permitted 3 days a week to see each other, which worked for us because we didn’t smother one another and we had time to focus on ourselves.

we planned an impromptu trip to Miami in April, & on April 15th, 2017 “TRAJA” was born ♥️ 


our schedules are so busy and we travel so much, but it’s made for such a fun dating life because we were always adventuring and seeing each other in different cities. i was working in Vegas every other month at the time & Tre came to a cast pool party and surprised me for the weekend!

no one has ever done that for me....i was and still am smitten AF from that! 


our first time traveling outside of the country was to Mexico for our birthdays in October and it was the most relaxing and incredible trip! we learned that traveling with each other was super easy & fun, it was the first time our communication was tested, which I think we passed with flying colors!

if you ask me we are still in chapter 1 of our relationship so making & experiencing all of our “firsts” together is still so special & cool.


life with Tre is easy. we are very similar. we talk to each other about everything. i dive in head first because the love i have for him allows me to trust him, and have faith in him that we will always be ok & do right by each other.

as individuals we are very passionate and loving and choose to be happy, so when you put us together, boyyy, that force is MIGHTY. 

we are all imperfect individuals cohabiting on this planet hoping to find someone that makes us happy. with that being said don’t forget to keep your self happy because in a relationship, you will be tested, you will be tried, & will make mistakes. i am learning to keep trying, to protect my energy, & to not be scared of an amazing thing.

when you find your person out there be patient, be kind, & trust your impulse.

there’s not one single day that goes by that I do not thank God for bringing me my kind of perfect.

xo aja