when i turned 25 i challenged myself to not straighten my hair for a year and let my blonde highlights grow out. i dyed my curls blonde and although i LOVED the color and vibe i was giving with my new hair...it made my hair completely dry and i experienced breakage for the first time ever! my hair was down my back, almost to my butt, curly. after dying it, my hair fell out so much, it was above my shoulder! (now, imagine the FREAK OUT that happened then!!!!) i vowed to not go as drastic if i was ever going to dye my hair again, especially bleaching it. and absolutely, NO HEAT!

it took 3 whole years to grow out, and finally im at a place where looking at my hair doesnt utterly piss me off!

since 2015, i have straightened my hair a total of 4 times (with a straightener) and i have gotten a hand full of blowouts, too! i have seen a HUGE change from removing dye and heat out of my hair routine. my hair is now healthy, keeps a shine, and is super moisturized!

when im not confidently rockinโ€™ my curls and decide to get my hair blown out, i have to go somewhere i trust. i havent found my home blow out bar in LA, unfortunately (if you have suggestions, please leave a comment below because your girl NEEDS em!) while im in NYC though, i ALWAYS hit up my girls at RPZL Salon for the most heavenly blowout!

RPZL salon is by far my FAVORITE blowout salon in NYC! they are truly a one stop shop servicing hair, extensions, and nails! 

the first time i ever got my hair done there, i asked Stephanie (my hair princess and manager of the salon!) that i dont like a lot of heat on my hair and would rather she not use a straightener if possible. she quickly explained to me that a good blowout should NEVER be accompanied by a straightener, which made me feel relieved :)

she SLAYED my hair, and even added some sickening extensions! the salon is chic, clean, & super cute! Lisa, the owner is the sweetest and offered me champagne upon arrival!

oh, in true blowout bar fashion you are in and out of there in 45 minutes!

my blowout and all of itโ€™s shiny, volumous, glory from RPZL salon stays all week, and that makes me extra happy and my week super easy! i can throw my mane in an effortless ponytail & hit it!


i have linked all of RPZL salon info below!

trust me- you wonโ€™t be disappointed!

xo aja