one of my favorite memories about living in Italy as a little girl was topping off a bomb dinner with, a lemon gelato. it came in an extra large frozen lemon and even had pulp in it! when i moved to America i was absolutely disgusted at the fact that they did not have my favorite dessert! so, i became accustomed to your average vanilla and chocolate ice cream and the American version of an Italian ice, (which i am totally not knocking, it just was not my steeze LOL)


after my cousins football games in the 90s, we would go across the street & get an Italian ice from a place called Micalizzi, in Bridgeport Connecticut. that was the first time since moving back to the states that i enjoyed the taste of what i could say was a decent cup of italian ice.

skipping forward to college, in Philly where the term is “Water Ice” ; which I can best describe as a watered down snow yeah, i was ABSOLUTELY NOT eating that for 4 years!

cut to present day, as a 6 year resident in Los Angeles, CA who has been actively looking for amazing food spots, i have FINALLY found my perfect match of Italian ice!

HAPPY ICE is a vegan non-dairy Italian ice food truck. typically located at 7320 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, CA. i rave about this place to any and everyone that will listen. happy ice keeps a traditional soft but not too creamy consistency, and has an array of incredible flavors. you can choose up to three flavors or you can have the rainbow rocket which is all of their flavors in one, (which i suggest getting your first time). i typically get the Lemon Lush, Strawberry Lemon Lush, & Passion Pop! oh, & i can’t forget to mention that they also have a Pizza Pretzel section with flavors like pepperoni barbecue chicken, cheese sausage, and buffalo chicken pretzels!

the staff is super friendly and because it is an ice cream truck you can find it everywhere around the Los Angeles area just follow their Instagram @happyice for their location of the day!

if you’re anything like me and will go to the depths of the earth to find something that you like, (especially food related), I say keep carrying your search on no matter where you live & go, you will always find a hidden gem, just like HAPPY ICE! 



xo aja