NYC has a ton of cute new spots around the city that allow you to pick up quick, healthy bites!

one of my health goals this year was to choose places with healthier options while on the go. i travel A LOT (as i'm sure many others do too) and i tend to slip up on my eating regimen more often than i would like. i have been consciously searching for better options in each city i travel to, so i dont get back into the bad habit of substituting “junk food” for real, balanced, healthy food :)

BROKEN COCONUT is one of my new favorite on-the-go eats! the menu is diverse but small so you aren't stressing looking for food for half an hour. all of their dishes are filled with superfoods and rich with nutrients.

they have incredible poke bowls and a ton of small bites like my favorite, the roasted sweet potatoes! their salads are super fresh with the option to add a protein of your choice AND the avocado toast is BOMB !!! BROKEN COCONUT also has their own brand of pressed juices like, their Ocean Mist (blu majik, collagen, organic coconut water, & lemon) and my go-to the Midnight Lemonade (organic coconut water, activated coconut charcoal & aloe). i personally am not a huge fan of matcha, but i have heard great things about their “ceremonial grade” matcha - which you can order hot or cold.

pictured above is BC's PIPELINE YOGURT- blueberries, bananas, probiotic rich yogurt, &vanilla chai (i added granola and honey!) - so yummy!

BROKEN COCONUT is located in the East Village of NYC, but stays true to their beach-y, bohemian vibe. the inside is super vibrant with big banana leaf wall paper, pink neon lights, and the cutest instagrammable swing! the service is fast and friendly and the food is fresh and delicious! i hope they will soon share the wealth and add a Los Angeles location ASAP! 




'til next time NYC

xo aja