i have been playing around with different products this year to achieve the “no make up” make up look. for my skin type it is all in the formula of the product. heavier pigments on my skin tend to look a lot more dramatic, by sinking into my fine lines and really don’t achieve the subtle look I’m trying to go for. the Thrive Causemetics line is the perfect blend of light weight pigmented make up, that leaves your skin feeling clean and vibrant! 

Thrive Cosmetics formulas are made up of vegan, cruelty free, paraben & sulfate free ingredients that work incredibly on my sensitive skin. i love to be able to conclude my skin routine in the morning and add a subtle shine to my face that lasts all day, especially for a dewy natural look!


my favorite Thrive Causemetics product is definitely the Brilliant Eye Brightener. its a highlight stick thats made from macadamia and meadowfoam oil so it goes on super smooth. it’s also the best because you can apply it to your brow bone, eyelids, waterline and corner of your eyes. it’s literally all you need to beat your whole face, basically.

OH, i also really love the Lip Mate High-Shine Reviving Topper! its a vegan collagen complex lip gloss that plumps and moisturizes your lips, with 0 stickiness!


the coolest part about Thrive Causemetics is that for every product sold, one is donated to a women in need!

Thrive Causemetics is an amazing product, with a specifically natural formula, that empowers and inspire women’s lives....and i LOVE that ♥️


xo aja