i spent this summer touring northern Europe and was super excited to go and try all of the food options there. i would be lying if i said i loved the food as a whole in most of the countries, but thanks to Instagram & Yelp i did find a few hidden gems!


my saving grace on this tour was that there was almost always a Nando’s in every city we went to. i LOVE Nando’s. i always get the same thing!


  • 5 wings Peri Peri style

  • Fries with Peri Peri seasoning

  • Mashed Potatoes 

  • Garlic Bread

Nando’s is bomb & reliable. it needs to make its way to the west coast immediately!!


i had an incredible brunch in Manchester, UK at the Menagerie Restaurant & Bar! the food was fresh and the Menagerie French Toast (brioche, nutella, marshmallow fluff) was insane! the decor is super trendy with almost every single wall in the room serving as a backdrop for a dope pic! there’s a photobooth, a runway, and a ton of cute neon signs (which are one of my favorite things in the entire world!!!!!) 


  • Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon

  • Avocado Toast (also AMAZING!)

  • Menagerie French Toast

IMG-0045 (1).JPG

in Oslo, Norway i found a cute little italian spot called Bella Bambina Ristorante (i had a horrible breakfast experience at the hotel that morning so i was not taking any chances with local cuisine,sorry. not sorry, i totally stuck with what i knew and hoped it would be good!) i am super picky about italian food, but this restaurant was decent. the ingredients were really fresh and the tomato sauce in the seafood pasta was great! the outdoor seating was in the middle of a square near a park so the scenery was super cute and relaxing and fun for people watching!


  • Tagliolini ai Frutti di Mare

  • Bolognese

  • Burrata e Prosciutto di Parma

  • Bruschetta


I had bangin fries at Smuk Fest, in Skanderborg Denmark and the best mint lemonade i have ever had in my life from Lagkagehuset in Aarhus, Denmark.

again, im SUPER picky when it comes to italain food, but i picked up a pizza from Restaurant Italia Aarhus in Denmark and it was delicious! (I don’t eat tomatoes so I just picked them off and threw down!!)


overall i can confidently say that Northern European food isn’t my favorite, if you’re anything like, me research before you travel to fully prepare yourself and get excited to visit local spots! i’m glad that my food detective skills found me some cute restaurants to enjoy!!

xo aja