if you ask any of my friends, since visiting Korea last summer I have self proclaimed myself, a certified skin care expert! LOL I am down to try any DIY face mask, serum, or collagen infused...anything, just to maintain a clean and healthy face.

i got fixated at one point about the bags under my eyes. (there was nothing really wrong or that noticeable in the first place but since there was something that could “fix” them, i was all about it) i found that when i ate really salty foods too close to bedtime, i would wake up the next morning with my eyes SUPER puffy. or if i didn’t get enough sleep, under my eyes would be dark and sunken in. obvi, i googled what i could do to fix it, ASAP!

for one, like everything else, it’s about how much water you drink. i don’t drink nearly enough water as i should, so that automatically caused the darkness, because my face and eyes were literally dehydrated. 


i used natural remedies like tomatoes and potatoes, cold tea bags, cold milk...which i can’t knock, did work! but who has time for a whole process when you need that real deal QUICK fix! 

i LOVE eye masks for just that reason alone, QUICKNESS! i use them almost every day for different purposes depending on what i need! i have tons, sometimes i need a punch of vitamin C or caffeine so i put those on to start my day. or if im on a plane and want to look refreshed and awake i throw on a hydrating or collagen mask right before i land! 

my secret mask (& everywhere else) store is Marshalls. Marshalls sells Korean brand face masks, which are really the only kind i use and trust. i also appreciate that im getting top quality products, at a super affordable price. that is also a reason why i LOVE the brand, Patchology.

Patchology has a huge selection of products, with specifically formulated ingredients to accommodate all skin types. “beauty at the speed of you” is the Patchology motto that fits them pretty accurately, seeing as some of their masks only take 5 min to do! i really don’t know if i can narrow down my favorite Patchology products butttt if i HAD to, i would say:

FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels

FlashPatch Restoring Eye Gels

On the Fly Kit

I like the fact that the products have just the right amount of serum, and leave my face feeling tight and hydrated at the same time. their eye masks stay in one place which i appreciate because i have to move around often and need my mask of choice to stay where it belongs. OR especially when im on a plane sitting up, it’s great that the mask doesn’t slide down!


Patchology offers masks for your eyes, lips, face, body and they sell sets so it’s super convenient to pair up your favorite products. the price point is very reasonable for the quality of product you are getting ranging from $3-$40 (excluding their Night & Day Miracle Eye Duo which is $110). my results after using all my Patchology masks, especially under my eyes, are pretty immediate. i trust Patchology to work, and on my time....that’s a WIN WIN if you ask me! 

per usual i have linked all things Patchology below, ENJOY! 


xo aja

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