Just like everyone else,

i have my ME things…

i’m a lavish tomboy that loves thrifting, glitter, online shopping and a good sweat pants/heel combo

  • my mane makes me comfortable in my skin... my curls are my cool

  • i loveeeeee food. i have vegan dreams, but bacon is life. the “SIDE DISH” section of the menu is my favorite. i think i can cook my butt off and as a proud Italian i make a mean pasta arrabbiata!

  • my family, friends and music are the reason for my permanent smile

  • my man, is so freakin EPIC. i'm obsessed with him! mainly, because we are the same person....& if you ask him, he thinks i'm pretty lit too!

  • i love taking pictures. i’m definitely no professional photographer but i proudly own my amateur photo creds - a girl can dream right? ;)

i try to stay in full HHH mode - happy, healthy and hungry for everything life has in store for me

...kinda, just like everyone else.

 xo aja 💋